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change file associations in mac os x

This is a stupid post, but i keep forgetting how to change the default file associations for file types in OS X. For example: i read pdf:s A LOT on my mac and love how just works. But for some odd reason i was curious on why Adobe even offer their Reader on the mac. So i decided to try it out.

Everything of course, turned slow and horrible so i wanted back as the default handler for pdfs.

Here is how to fix it:

  1. Select a PDF in Finder
  2. Press CMD+i
  3. Change Open With
  4. Apply to everything




dagens outfit:
påskägg, skjorta från morris, påskig lammullströja i härligt gul färg från polo ralph lauren, byxa i rådenim från whyred och svarta halvbrouges från church.

till min hjälp har jag en konsult som jag valt att kalla nordichardware-gustav