add support for Galileo Technology Ltd. 88E8056 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller in VMware ESXi4

in my previous post about installing VMware ESXi4 on my ASUS barebone i gave up on trying to get the integrated NIC on the motherboard working.

today i finally managed to get it working. here is how:

  1. download and extract the oem.tgz i link to in the old post.
  2. download and extract  mymod-network.new2.tgz from this forum post.
  3. copy sky2.o from mymod-network.new2 to the same path in the unpacked oem.tgz:
  4. open oem/etc/vmware/ in an text editor
  5. add this line:

    11ab:4364 0000:0000 network sky2.o
  6. save
  7. open a terminal and change directory to the oem dir
  8. create a new oem.tgz like this:
  9. tar -cvzf oem.tgz etc usr
  10. OBS! ESXi doesn’t seem to like Mac OS X version av the tar command. use linux tar instead!
    if you use tar from OS X you will get a Purple Screen of Death saying “Cannot setup ramdisk: Boot image is corrupted”
  11. copy the new oem.tgz to the ESXi host and the restart
    scp oem.tgz root@

when ESXi is up and running again, verify that all your hardware is found and have a driver attached to it with this command:

lspci -v

the output should show that ESXi have attached the sky2-driver to your NIC:

04:00.00 Ethernet controller Network controller: Galileo Technology Ltd. 88E8056 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller [vmnic1]	 Class 0200: 11ab:4364